• Suzhou Phylion Battery
    Suzhou Phylion Battery

    Suzhou Phylion Battery was founded in 2003 and is a well-knowned lithium battery enterprise in China. Phylion develops, manufactures and commercializes high capacity, high power lithium ion battery and battery management system, which are widely used in LEV, HEV, BEV, Energy Storage, etc. Phylion has served three million users globally and provides products and service for ten thousand electric vehicles.

  • IRENA Group
    IRENA Group

    IRENA Group is China's leading sports industry platform company and after 10 years of operation, it has tapped into the whole industry chain of ecological system, and integrated venues and copyright event resources with mobile Internet, making an innovative model of sports operating platform.

  • Zhaohua Group
    Zhaohua Group

    Zhaohua Group is the leader in domestic asphalt container business features asphalt storage, asphalt container transportation, leasing and sales. Zhaohua’s business includes storage, transportation, handling and loading service, international and domestic. 

  • 91 Jinrong
    91 Jinrong

    91 Jinrong is founded in 2011. After four-year development, 91 Jinrong has become a leading domestic platform for internet lending and search of other financial products. Besides, 91 Jinrong is one of the few profitable and well-governed companies in Internet finance sector with high scarcity value.